It’ll be Okay, I Promise.

There’s one seemingly make or break aspect of college I know you’re worried about–the roommate. How will you get along? Will you be friends? What if he/she has a different schedule than me? What happens if he/she is very different from me? These are completely normal things to worry about. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all do it.

I roomed with a friend of a friend, although I had never actually met her and my experience with the semi-random roommate has been awesome! I live in Community Park which is suite-style so my roommate and I share a bathroom with our other suite mates (one of them is one of my best friends from home). We get along great! These girls have become my best friends and I am so grateful for them! We have lunch or dinner together almost every day and of course we see each other in the room every night. We take turns buying things like milk and toilet paper and that works out pretty well for us. I can not express how blessed I am to have roommates I get along with so well!

Some people, however, are not that lucky. One of my friends lives in traditional housing and just doesn’t click with her roommate like I do with mine. But guess what. She’s not miserable! She still enjoys college! She will come stay with us sometimes on the weekends, and she stays so busy that she’s hardly ever in her room.

If you really just can’t stand your roommate and really need a new one that’s fine! just apply for a switch and they’ll try to place you in another room. No big deal.

One piece of advice: Don’t room with your best friend from home. It seems like a great idea, but when you spend that much time with someone there’s a good chance you’ll start to hate them. Also, if your best friends lives somewhere else on campus it will give you a place to go if you just need to get out of your room or something. Or you can do what I did and be suite mates with one of your best friends so your not in each other’s face all the time.

Random roommates aren’t anything to be afraid. You might just end up making a life-long friendship! I promise if you don’t click it won’t be the end of the world!

That’s all I have to offer now. As Always, be safe, make good choices, and GO CARDS.

Laken Hamilton



My roommates and I at a local pumpkin farm/corn maze.

My roommates and I at a local pumpkin farm/corn maze.

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  1. Amanda J says:

    Great advice, Laken! And a super cute picture!!!

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