Freshman Year: The End of an Era

After UofL’s Sweet Sixteen run in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, I read an article that had a very interesting quote from Rick Pitino. He said “…it’s the end of an era for us, for a lot of us. So it’s something that we’re certainly going to miss.” At the time that I was reading that quote, I didn’t realize how much that statement would end up applying to me in the month following our March Madness run. It has been finals week for the majority of university students from April 21st-April 29th, and everybody I know has been working really hard. It’s hard to describe, but there’s something so pure and powerful about walking into a lobby full of students and witnessing every single one of them studying to pull the grade that they want. It’s a humbling and inspiring experience to be around so many people with such outstanding work ethics.

I live in Threlkeld Hall, the honors dorm, which is where I experienced the lobby moment that I mentioned in my last paragraph. For finals, I would not want to be anywhere else; as I said, the work ethics of the people in Threlkeld is something that I look up to. Also, I was able to get a lot of help! It feels good to breathe easy now that finals week is officially over. With grades being posted to my transcript, helping my friends move out of their residence halls, and applying for summer jobs; it has given me time to reflect on how much growth I have experienced this year and the relationships that I have made.

Looking back exactly one year ago, I was a Senior ready for prom, graduation, summer, and college. I had no idea what to expect of my college experience, I’m first generation.  However, I was excited and proud that I was able to accomplish the goal of graduating high school and then attending the University of Louisville on a full-ride scholarship. One year ago, when I was graduating, the crowning moment of my life was when my name was called to walk across the stage and accept my diploma as my mom, brothers, and sisters cheered until I left. Even now, nothing has changed about my ambition. The reason that I have pushed myself to succeed in college are the same reasons I pushed myself to succeed in high school.

One year later though, I definitely changed in many positive ways that I could not have imagined. If I was to go into detail, I’d be writing a novel instead of a blog. So, I’ll settle with this nice list.

Through college, I have changed by:

  • Becoming more humble.
  • Learning to open up to my friends and peers.
  • Helping others and expecting nothing in return.
  • Working truly hard for what you want.
  • Never giving up.

This is a small list, but they speak mounds about my college experience and the most amazing group of people that I have ever met in my life. I’m not just talking about Ashley, Rachel, Elizabeth, Christian, Caleb, Will, Kelsey, Lena or Will’s Aunt and Uncle (whose house I am typing this from). I’m not just talking about Cameron Warren, my roommate who became my best friend in the whole world through our freshman year. No, my personal growth speaks volumes about the most genuine aspect of every single friend that I have made whilst being on campus since August. My experience as a freshman has been breath-taking, magical, unexpected, sad, triumphant, inspiring, and genuine. Rick Pitino’s quote says the same thing about basketball that I have to say about my freshman year here at the University of Louisville; it is the end of an era, one that will never be repeated and something that I am certainly going to miss.

-Korri Woods


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